Miriam Constance

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Sc., Dip.Ed.

Biology tutor

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Edinburgh schools

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Higher Prelim Final
Human Biology B A

Miriam is a dedicated and hardworking teacher who views her student’s success as a priority. She is encouraging and does her best to ensure that her students achieve all that they are capable of. She is firm, but approachable, and willing to assist with any difficulty or problem which the student may have – Zoe Carter

Intermediate 2 Prelim Final
Biology C A

We were delighted with the commitment and dedication shown by Miriam right from the start. She had a range of resources consisting of a wide collection of textbooks, study guides and past papers, and including a microscope and access to the Internet. She always gave Chris a good dollop of homework to do each week. She provided him with extra printed notes for earlier parts of the course. She engaged and stimulated him to work and made the best of what natural interest he had. We cannot recommend Miriam Constance too highly – S.M. and Alex Ferguson

Higher Prelim Final
Human Biology D B

I would like to say a huge thank you to my tutor Miriam for Human Biology. She was a huge help to me and gave me the exact information I needed, as by chance it was in the exam. We had only 8 lessons before my final exam. I really wanted to pass. It was my goal to get a Higher in Human Biology, but I got a D in my prelim and my chances seemed very weak. With my determination and Miriam’s clear positive tuition, I didn’t just pass the exam, I outdid my expectations and got a Higher B! Without her guidance, I probably would not have studied the areas she pointed out I was weak at. She helped me understand them fully – Frances Ross, Firrhill High School, 2005

Higher Prelim Final
Biology F C

I was delighted in the tutoring I was given by Miriam without which I would have certainly failed. She is a very professional lady totally committed to the subject and pulled out all the stops to ensure that I passed. My family and I are very grateful to her for her hard work and dedication – Liam McFarlane

Higher Prelim Final
Biology C B

Excellent tutor – Kristine Rodie

Higher Prelim Final
Biology D B

I found the tutoring quite demanding but very worthwhile as it helped me go from a D to a B which I needed for the course I want to study. I found Miriam to be an excellent tutor who is totally focussed on the student’s needs, ensuring the student reaches their maximum potential. Preparation and suport for each session was of the highest standard and I would thoroughly recommend her to any future students – Lucy Watson

Higher Prelim Final
Biology E A

Really brilliant tutoring. It was very clear. It stuck in my head well. And very generous with the time you spent with me. Fantastic! –Hermione MacMillan

Higher Prelim Final
Biology E A

I cannot praise Miriam highly enough for the teaching and encouragement she has provided me with over the past year. Without her assistance, I do not think that I would have gained such a good pass in my Higher Biology exam. I’ve gone from not getting a mark at all in my fifth year to achieving an A pass. I found Miriam very friendly and easy to get on with and will miss my weekly visits. Miriam’s very clear teaching method and instruction also had a benefit for my classmates at school as they tended to come to me for help with their Biology homework! I would not hesitate in recommending Miriam to prospective pupils. Many, many thanks. – Anjelica Mcleod x

Higher Prelim Final
Biology C C

I found Dr. Miriam Constance’s tutoring very helpful. She reinforced her teaching with homework that made sure I was understanding and progressing. – Nicole Christie

Higher Prelim Final
Biology Fail B

Dr. Constance was a great help to me. I failed my prelim really badly and my Biology teacher didn’t want me to sit the exam, but I managed to persuade her and came to Dr. Constance for help and ended up getting a B. I enjoyed our tutoring sessions. Dr. Constance made me feel very welcome in her home and we covered a lot of work. I am so grateful for all her hard work and help she gave me. – Lindsay Scott

Higher Prelim Final
Human Biology B A

Miriam was an excellent, informative and patient teacher. She broke the curriculum down into easily understandable chunks. This greatly boosted my confidence and consequently my grade when it came to sitting my final exam. She took the time to help me work closely with past papers and again this helped immensely with revision and meant I was very familiar with the exam format.

I studied with Miriam for about eight months and still find the knowledge she shared with me extremely useful and very relevant to my degree course. Miriam is a highly competent teacher and I would definitely use her again as a tutor in the future. – Anna Brown

Higher Prelim Final
Biology F C

Very helpful and all the past paper questions really helped and boosted my grade. Thank you again – Grace McLaughlin

Biology Prelim Final
Standard Grade 3 2
Intermediate 2 B A

Miriam provided high quality tutoring to my son over a 5 month period prior to his Standard Grades. Miriam was exceptionally conscientious in her approach and provided the tutoring sessions in a calm and organised manner. Her patience and direction provided Alisdair with not only the knowledge of the subject, but also the confidence he required to be successful. He acquired a good Grade 2 in Biology. Alisdair will now continue with Miriam to Intermediate2 – Laura Germain

As a result of Miriam’s tutoring Alasdair successfully achieved an A grade in Intermediate 2 Biology. Miriam is very understanding and supportive to the additional needs Alasdair has due to his dyslexia. Miriam is a very successful tutor, tailoring the lessons to the requirements of understanding the subject very well but also achieving excellent grades in exams – Laura Germain

Standard Grade Prelim Final
Biology 3 1

Miriam provided excellent tuition that not only boosted my grades but confidence and abilities for the exam. Her style of teaching was very methodical and easy to follow with great results. Her patience and calmness was also very reassuring when she guided me through the entire course whilst under the strain of the approaching exams. The skills she has taught me throughout her teaching have also improved my revision and studying throughout all of my subjects. Miriam managed to help me achieve this in a surprisingly short time (once a week for 3 months). I would highly recommend Miriam as a tutor as she is easy to get on with and delivers to perfection as she raised my grade by a whole band! – Alex

Advanced Higher Prelim Final
Biology B B

Miriam was a very hard-working tutor who put a lot of time and effort into her work. The tutoring sessions were very focussed on my weaknesses and the weekly homework that she gave me ensured that I was confident with all aspects of the course by the exam – A

Higher  Prelim  Final
Biology     B        A
Miriam is a very well organised and conscientious tutor. She liked to work to a plan and agree topics for lessons in advance. She lent our daughter materials and text books and always set clear goals for homework in between sessions. Miriam was flexible with times, offering longer or additional sessions as required. She has high expectations of her students and is keen for them to do well – Stephanie Heasman

National 5  Prelim  Final
Biology            B            B
We came to Miriam not long before my son was due to sit his National 5 prelim as he was not confident at all of gaining a pass mark. Miriam worked hard with him devoting lots of additional hours in order to give him the knowledge and confidence to sit the exam.

We stayed with Miriam for the final exam which he passed at level B but discovered he was actually only 1% off an A pass….something he would never have dreamed of.

With Miriams help and guidance my son is now preparing for his Higher Biology exam which 8 months ago I am sure he would never have considered.

Miriam is a lovely calm lady who is obviously committed to helping her pupils gain the best understanding of her subject and consequently a good pass mark. I can not recommend her highly enough.


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